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Access your client’s Business Overview info in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

The Business Overview feature in Practice Manager lets you get a quick snapshot of your client’s books. It shows all of their transaction activity, including uncategorised expenses and income, undeposited funds, overdue invoices, and quick access to specific reports. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to: 

Important things to know

  • Only the admin user who created the Practice Manager workspace has the authority to authorise clients.
  • Authorising a client in Practice Manager is necessary for other users in your practice to see the client’s Business Overview information. 
  • Each client must be authorised individually.
  • The authorisation is valid for 100 days. However, if the client's information isn’t updated within that time frame, the admin user will need to reauthorise them.

Authorise a client 

  1. Sign in to Practice Manager. 
  2. Select the Clients tab.
  3. Choose the client whose profile you want to authorise. Practice Manager will start syncing with QuickBooks as soon as you open the client’s profile. 

Once the client’s profile is authorised, you’ll see the last updated timestamp. The data is automatically refreshed every hour, but you can manually refresh it if you need to.

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Refresh a client’s details

  1. Sign in to Practice Manager. 
  2. Select the Clients tab.
  3. Choose the client whose data you want to update. 
  4. In the Details tab, select Refresh details. You can do this once every hour.

If you find yourself needing to remove a client, we suggest deleting them from both your QuickBooks Online account and Practice Manager. Deleting the client solely from Practice Manager will result in the client reappearing in Practice Manager during the next sync from QuickBooks. 

Alternatively, you can archive the client if you wish to keep the client’s data but no longer want to see them in your Practice Manager client list.

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