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Manage your inbox in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

We'll show you how to manage your emails in QuickBooks Practice Manager. This includes how your actions are reflected in your regular email provider so you can organise your emails more efficiently and stay on top of your inbox. 

Note: You need to have linked your email account to Practice Manager first.

When you action an email, it’s moved from your Priority or Other inbox to the Done tab, depending on the action. 

  1. Go to Email
  2. Select the To do tab.
  3. Hover over it and select the check mark. Emails marked as done are moved to the Done tab. 

If you need to move an email from the Done tab to the To do tab, hover over it and select the Move to inbox icon.

  1. Go to Email
  2. Select the To do tab.
  3. Select an inbox: Priority or Other.
  4. Select the three-dot icon. 
  5. Select either Clear priority inbox or Clear other inbox
  6. Select Confirm. This will move all emails from your Priority and Other inbox to the Done tab. 

If you clear emails from your inbox, they'll stay in Practice Manager (in client records, tasks and so on) including any of the files attached. The only change in Practice Manager is that the emails will no longer appear in your priority or other inbox.

Clearing your Practice Manager inbox won't affect emails in other inboxes, so the ones in your regular Gmail or Office365 inbox won't be archived.

Deleting emails puts them in the Trash tab. These emails will have already been archived in your regular email provider and won't be affected any further by emptying the Trash folder.

  1. Go to Email
  2. Hover over the email and select the Delete thread bin icon. 
  3. To see all your deleted emails, select the Trash tab. 

To remove all the emails at once and or good from your trash folder, go to the Trash tab and select Empty trash.

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