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Budgets in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

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The ability to use budgets allows you to track your wage costs against your budgeted costs.


Setting a budget


You can set a budget for a roster by following these steps:

  1. Select the arrow next to Manage Employees, and go to Rostering.
  2. Select Budget actions then Budget.
  3. From the budget panel you will be required to enter the following details to set your budget:
    • Location sets own budget: use this setting when you want the budget to only apply to the selected location.
    • Location shares budget across sublocations: use this setting when you want to set a budget at the parent location and have it shared with all the sublocations of that location. Note: If you select the Location shares budget across sublocations option, you will not be able to set individual budgets for child locations.
    • Location: this is the location that the budget will apply to.
    • Budget setting: you can set the following options for a budget.
    • Week: the week that the budget applies to.
  4. Once you've selected your budget settings, you can set your budget and sales figures for each day in the specified period.
  5. Once you've set your budget values, you can save your budget. Based on these values, you will notice in the roster that ORANGE means "the shifts have exceeded the budget warning level", and RED means "over budget" (provided that you have the 'show costs' button on).


Additional budget settings

Within the budget panel you can find the following additional settings by clicking the budget cog:

  • Clear budgets: this will clear the budget values for the current period.
  • Copy budgets from last week / fortnight: this will copy the budget values from the previous week / fortnight.

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