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Create a pay run in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll and QuickBooks Bureau Payroll

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

Now you’re all set up and you've added your employees in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll, it’s time to run your payroll.

This article will cover how to:

Before you start

Important: Pay runs in Advanced Payroll do not automatically pay employees. It is your responsibility to manually pay your employees outside of the product.

1. Set up a new pay run

  1. Go to Payroll.
  2. Select the Pay Runs tab.
  3. Select New Pay Run.
  4. Select the pay schedule and set the pay period end date.
  5. Choose the date on which the pay run will be paid to employees.
  6. Select Manually add employees to this pay run if you want to create an ad hoc pay run and only include a specific group of employees. All employees linked to the chosen pay schedule will be added to the pay run.
  7. Select Create a pay run with empty pays if you'd like to override any default payment amounts and have 0 payments in this pay run.
  8. Select Create. This may take a few moments depending on the size of your pay run.

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2. Review and adjust employee details

  1. On the pay run details page, review the list of employees included in the pay run.
  2. You can make any necessary adjustments to employee details, such as hours worked, overtime or deductions.
  3. To edit an employee's details, select their name.
  4. Once you've reviewed and adjusted all employee details, select Finalise Pay Run.

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3. Finalise the pay run

Next, it's time to submit your real-time information to HMRC either manually or automatically.

QuickBooks will let you know that you're about to finalise the pay run.

  1. Set the payment date on which you want to pay your employees.
  2. Choose when you want to make payslips accessible to your employees.
  3. Select if and when you want to send notifications to your employees regarding their payslips.
  4. Decide how and when you want to submit pension information to your pension provider.
  5. If you want to apply these settings to future pay runs, select the option to apply these changes.
  6. Select Finalise.

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