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Why employees love QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated December 23, 2022

QuickBooks Time allows employees to get to work on time, accurately record the number of hours worked and thanks to its tracking feature, employees can feel safer when working on a job. Here are a few (of many) reasons to love QuickBooks Time too!

  • Accurate record of hours worked: You can rest easy knowing that QuickBooks Time keeps logs of all of your clock-in and clock-out times so that you always get compensated for the hours you worked.
  • Up to date, real-time reporting: If your administrator grants the permission, you can, from a computer, run reports of the hours you worked. That way, you can make sure that your employer hasn't made changes that you didn't agree to.
  • Verification of time spent at a job site: GPS tracking makes it easy to prove where work was done and when. When tracking time from the mobile app, you will be able to verify that you were at the job site when you said you were and that you left when you said you left.
  • Provides safety: Your employer will know where you are when you're on the job (not when you take a break or clock out). If there is an accident, your employer can easily locate you and send for help.
  • Get to work on time: In QuickBooks Time, your admin can set custom reminders and notifications for the beginning and end of your shifts, as well as for breaks/lunches or any other scheduled events.
  • Best award-winning support: You can contact QuickBooks Time Support directly for any issues that you might have with the app or things like signing in. You can contact us on our website. Or, on your mobile device, in QuickBooks Time, at the top left, tap the profile icon, select Help & Support, then Contact QuickBooks Time Support.
  • Ability to integrate with other apps: QuickBooks Time integrates with many other helpful services, such as apps that track expenses and gather receipt information, making it easier to compile the information for your employer. The most exciting one is our integration with ActiveHours. This allows you to connect your QuickBooks Time timesheets with an app that lets you 'borrow' money from your payroll payment. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t require any participation by your employer. Just track your hours in QuickBooks Time, see how much you’ve earned and cash out per pay period. When your payroll payment arrives, ActiveHours deducts the amount that you borrowed. This is a private transaction between you and ActiveHours. Your company will be unaware. It's simply a loan that you make with yourself. To check it out, go to activehours.com.

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