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QuickBooks Price Increase January 2020

by Intuit Updated 3 years ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you increasing prices?

We want to deliver the best product, value and experience to our customers, which means investing in the latest innovation and technology.

Find out more about our recent innovations.

What's new in QuickBooks? Are new features being introduced due to the price increase?

We’re constantly introducing new features and improvements to QuickBooks. Here are just a few of the recent updates:

  • First-of-its kind SmartScanTM which checks your VAT for common errors, saving your time and making you feel more confident when you submit your return to HMRC.
  • Mileage tracking for QuickBooks Online which automatically records every trip so you can easily claim expenses for your business travel.
  • New Open Banking connections offering greater security and reliability – so you can cut back on manual data entry.  You can now also connect to Revolut and Monzo, with Tide, Starling and more coming soon. 

Which QuickBooks product prices are changing? When does the new pricing take effect?

We will be adjusting the standard prices for some QuickBooks Online subscriptions on 25 November 2019 for new customers. For existing customers, these changes will take effect from the first payment due on or after 20 January 2020.

We are also changing the price of our Standard Payroll Product to include a monthly subscription fee of £4 plus £1 per paid employee per month on 25 November 2019 for new payroll sign-ups.  For existing Standard Payroll customers, these changes will take effect from 20 January 2020. Payroll customers will be asked to agree to this new pricing when they log in to QuickBooks Online Payroll on or after 20 January.  We’ll be in touch with more information soon.

What if I do not opt into the new pricing for Standard Payroll?

If you do not opt into the new payroll pricing, you will no longer be able to use payroll after 20 January 2020.  You will be able to access QuickBooks Online Payroll in "Read Only mode" for a year after this date allowing you to access your data and download any reports you need.

How are you telling customers about the price changes?

All impacted customers will be sent an email notifying them in advance of the changes taking place, in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please make sure your email address is kept up to date so that you continue to receive important updates from us.

I recently upgraded my subscription. Will I be subject to this price increase?

Yes, the new pricing will take effect from 20 January 2020.

Can I change to a different plan?

If you think a different plan would work better for you, you can change it by logging into QuickBooks and visiting the billing and subscriptions page. The new price will apply to your new plan from 20 January 2020.

My subscription was cancelled and I’m past the 30 day re-subscribe period. Can I get the old pricing?

Unfortunately not. You will need to subscribe at the current market price.

I have a discounted subscription. Will the price changes affect me?

Yes, the new price will take effect from 20 January 2020, but we will continue to apply your discount to the new price.

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