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Run a team member job costing report in QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated December 22, 2022

This report allows account administrators to view how many hours have been tracked against each job or customer, broken down by each team member that worked at that job or for that customer. It lists regular, overtime, and double time (if set up) hours.


  • This report is only available to administrators.
  • Pay Rates are required and can be set up in team member Details.
    1.  Go to My Team and select a team member.
    2. Next to Pay Rate, enter the dollar amount and rate. Only hourly rates will appear in this report.
    3. Select Save.
  • If a rate is missing for a team member included on a report, or their rates are set to daily or yearly, you will be prompted to add in their hourly rate before proceeding.
    1. Next to each listed team member, enter their hourly rate.
    2. Select Save and Continue.
  • If total hours are entered (vs clock-in and out times), the order in which the hours are entered will determine overtime costs.

Download a spreadsheet of the report

  1. Go to Reports > Tracking Team Member Job Costing.
  2. Choose the report dates.
  3. Choose to Include Custom Field on the report or not (none).
  4. Check Group by Job Code if you want the Jobs separated by line breaks.
  5. Select Calculate grand totals if you want the hour and rate totals added up for the whole report.
    • If both this and Group by Job Code are selected, the totals will be calculated per job.
  6. Next to Filter by Job, do one of the following:
    • To include all jobs: Leave it set to all jobs.
    • To run the report for only one job: Select all jobs and choose the job you want on the report.
  7. Next to Filter by Groups/Employees, do one of the following:
    • To include all team members: Leave it set to all employees.
    • To select individual team members: Select all employees, check the boxes next to the name(s), and select OK.
  8. Select Run Report. The report displays under the filters. If you make changes to the filters, update your view by selecting Run Report again.
  9. (optional) To download the report, select Download CSV. The spreadsheet displays. If it doesn't, click the downloads button. (In Chrome, it's at the lower left.) Or, check in your computer's Downloads file.

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