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QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop integration FAQ

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated December 01, 2022

There are two ways to integrate QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop:

The answers may be different depending on the integration. If there is a difference in answers, it will be indicated with Web Connector for the first, and Windows for the second. If those labels don't appear on an answer, the answer applies to both integration types.

You must be an administrator in QuickBooks Time and have administrative permissions in QuickBooks Desktop. It is recommended to run the sync while logged into QuickBooks Desktop as the main admin and in single user mode.

  • Web Connector: No. You must use the computer on which the Web Connector integration was set up.
  • Windows: Yes, as long as you are signed in as the admin and are in single-user mode.

No. The only information that QuickBooks Time exports is approved timesheet data.

Yes. Each time you perform a sync, the import and export processes run at the same time.

QuickBooks Time imports all active employees, suppliers, customers/jobs, service items, classes, and payroll items (depending on your preferences).

Add new employees in QuickBooks Desktop, then import them into QuickBooks Time.

After importing an employee into QuickBooks Time, you need to use their email address or mobile number to send them an invite. They will set up their own passwords from that invite. To send an invite:

  1. Go to My Team and select a team member to open their Details.
  2. On the General tab, select Send Invite.

Since QuickBooks Time doesn't do any payroll calculations, QuickBooks Time doesn't import pay rates. You have the option to enter that information into an employee's profile (My Team), but it is just a reference.

Only suppliers that have a value in the first name and last name fields will be imported into QuickBooks Time. Also, make sure this option is checked in QuickBooks Time:

  1. QuickBooks dropdown > Preferences > check Import Suppliers as Employees.

Mark the customer or job as inactive in QuickBooks, then perform a sync. This will remove the customer and/or job from QuickBooks Time. Alternatively, you can remove the customer from QuickBooks Time.

To mark a customer as inactive:

  1. Select Customers, then select the pencil icon.
  2. Next to the customer to be removed, uncheck Assign to Everyone

The customer will no longer be visible to employees.

Note: You can also remove the customer from QuickBooks Time by selecting X

The customer will not reactivate in subsequent syncs, unless it is edited in QuickBooks, triggering the re-activation.

Yes. To add a customer or a job back, make a quick change to it in QuickBooks Desktop as follows:

  1. Add a 1 after the customer name.
  2. Select OK to save. 

This will update the last modified date.

If you do another import into QuickBooks Time, it will reactivate that same customer or job. (Later, you can remove the 1 from the customer name and then sync again to remove the 1 from QuickBooks Time).

Yes. The billable rate will show up within a timesheet in QuickBooks Desktop if the timesheet is both associated with a service item rate and if it is marked as billable.

Yes. To track your time as billable:

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select QuickBooks, then select Preferences.
  2. Check the box that says Billable Yes/No.
  3. Check Require Billable Yes/No if required.

When your employees clock in and out, they'll be asked if their time was billable or not. The time will export to QuickBooks Desktop with their selection.

When timesheet data is exported to QuickBooks Desktop, it displays in the Notes field in Weekly Timesheets.

No, they will not, but QuickBooks Time will also not make any adjustments to the time entry in QuickBooks Desktop, so it won't revert, and your changes will be saved. We recommend that, if you need to adjust a time entry, that you do it in QuickBooks Time, then export again to QuickBooks Desktop. Contact our support team to remove the export lock.

Yes. You must review and approve all timesheets before they can be exported to QuickBooks Desktop.

This setting may not be selected. In QuickBooks Time, at the top right, select QuickBooks > Preferences > Export approved time data when syncing.

Contact our support team! We'll help you with whatever problems come up and assist you in escalating the problem to QuickBooks support if needed.

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