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Access client emails, files and notes in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

When you’re in your client’s details page, there are three tabs: files, emails and notes. Let’s take a look at each one:

You'll find all the files that have been either received from or sent to the client. It includes details like upload dates and sources. 

You can transfer files through email subtasks within tasks, send emails directly to the client, assign files to client tasks, or simply upload files directly within this tab.

  1. Go to Clients
  2. Select the client's name to open their details.
  3. Select the Files tab. 
  4. From here you can do the following: 
    1. To add a new file, select Upload file
    2. To preview an existing file, select the file name or the preview icon. 
    3. To copy the file, select the paperclip icon. 
    4. To download the file, select the download icon. 
    5. To rename the file, select the pencil icon. 
    6. To delete the file, select the bin icon.
    7. To show only signed documents, select the checkbox. 

Remember, any files that are not linked to a specific task will be categorised under the General files section. Here are some tips to keep your client's files organised.

This is where you can see all the email correspondence between your practice and your clients. Use the tabs to switch and see all emails received or sent by the client.

  1. Go to Clients
  2. Select the client's name to open their details. 
  3. Select the Email tab. 
  4. Select the email to open its details. Note, emails that are linked to a task will have a link icon.

Within this tab, you'll find all the internal notes associated with the client. These notes are only visible to you and your firm and not to the client.

  1. Go to Clients
  2. Select the client's name to open their details. 
  3. Select the Notes tab. 
  4. Select + Add note
  5. Enter the note details and select Save.
  6. Select the three-dot icon of a note, you'll be able to choose options like pinning, editing, or deleting the note.

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