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Add subtasks in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

You can break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable parts by creating subtasks in QuickBooks Practice Manager. This way, you can stay organised, prioritise your work, and achieve your goals more effectively. 

Before you start

To add subtasks in QuickBooks Practice Manager, you must first add a task. You can add subtasks while creating a new task or editing an existing task, and add the same types of subtasks to task templates for recurring tasks. 

After you add a task, you can then add subtasks. The task editor will look different depending on how the task was created or is being edited. Here’s an example of what the subtask editor looks like:

  1. Open the task and select the three-dot icon, and then Advanced task editor.
  2. Select +Add subtask.
  3. Select the subtask type: 
    1. Instructions
    2. Document signing
    3. Send automated email 
    4. Send email manually 
    5. Internal deadline 
  4. The following fields may differ depending on which subtask type you choose. Fill in the relevant information. 
  5. Select Save subtask.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each subtask needed.
  7. Select Save task and close.

Repeat these steps for each subtask.

Add a subtask through an existing task

  1. Go to Work
  2. Select the To do tab. 
  3. Select the task name to open its details. 
  4. In the field, give the subtask a name. 
  5. Select +Add subtask.
    Note: You can apply an existing template if you need to. 
  6. Select the subtask to edit its details. Or select + Add subtask to add a new one. 

Tip: You can select the three-dot icon, and then Advanced task editor. This will open the subtask editor where you can edit or delete the subtask.

Once all the subtasks are added, you can start working your way through the task. You can edit tasks and subtasks at any time. 

Tip: Save the QuickBooks Practice Manager resource page to your bookmarks for easy access to helpful articles and step-by-step instructions.

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