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Download work reports in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

Get a comprehensive, high-level overview of what's happening across your practice by taking a look at the work report in QuickBooks Practice Manager. The work report shows everything from upcoming to completed and overdue tasks, so you can see what's on your team's plate.

  1. Go to Team
  2. Select the Work report tab. 
  3. Select the column header to sort by task, client, due by, next deadline or created on.
    Selecting the header a second time will reverse the order of sorting–this is particularly useful if you’re trying to locate the most recently added tasks or those with the closest deadline.

Tip: Before exporting a work report, use the filter tool to only show results that meet the conditions you’ve set. This way you can download work reports exactly as you need them.

  1. Select Filter
  2. Set the criteria and conditions to capture everything you need. For example, if you need a list of all the open tasks that are assigned to a specific team member, for clients who are audit clients:
    1. In line 1, select State, is, Open 
    2. In line 2, select Task assignee, is, [Team member name]
    3. In line 3, select Audit client, is, Yes 
  3. Select Apply filter.
    Tip: You can bookmark this filter on your browser so you can access it the next time you need it. 
  4. Select Export table.
  5. Select either CSV format or Excel spreadsheet.

Tip: Save the QuickBooks Practice Manager resource page to your bookmarks for easy access to helpful articles and step-by-step instructions.

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