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Organise client files in QuickBooks Practice Manager

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

In QuickBooks Practice Manager, any files you receive that are not linked to a task will be automatically placed in the General files section of the client's Files tab.

This is where you can also upload your own client-related documents without linking them to a specific task. However, this section can get cluttered with many files over time, making it difficult to find what you need.

On the other hand, files that are linked to a task are neatly grouped under that particular task, serving as a clear section header. Here's an example of what it looks like:


This makes it easier to view and access all the files related to a specific task, regardless of where they come from or how you upload them–whether it’s from a client task, email or manual upload. 

Let’s go through the steps to create a task that will group files under a clear header, making it easier to scan and locate specific documents or files related to a client. 

In this example, let’s create a section called ‘Requested files’.

Step 1: Create the section header 

  1. Go to Work
  2. Select + Add task
  3. Name the task Requested files–this will be the section header.
  4. Select Save task
  5. Follow the steps to add subtasks if you need to. 

Step 2: Link to the email containing the file to the task 

  1. Go to Email
  2. Open the email with the file attachments. 
  3. If the email isn’t associated with a client yet, select + Associate email with client
  4. Select + Add email to existing task
  5. Select the task you created in step 1. In this case, go ahead and select Requested files.

That’s it! You'll find the files conveniently listed under the 'Requested files' header that's specifically linked to the task. You can view this in the client's Files tab.

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