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Create, access and modify memorised reports

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You can memorise reports in QuickBooks if you want the same settings of the customised report to be available for future use. This way, you do not have to go through the customisation process again. Note that when you memorise a report, QuickBooks saves only the report settings (customisation). Depending on the date filter, the data will be different or updated.

This article is part of a series that covers basic information about reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. From the reports window, select Memorise.
  2. On the Memorise Report window, type in the name you want to assign the report. Note that you need to enter a new name when you are saving a new memorised report. If you want to overwrite a previously saved report, use a name similar to it.
  3. (Optional) Select the Save in Memorised Report Group checkbox if you want to save the report on a specific report group (Accountant, Banking, etc...)
  4. (Optional) Select Share this report template with others. When you select this checkbox, your report template will be accessible to other QuickBooks users when they go to the Contributed tab in the Report Centre.
  5. Select OK.

There are several ways to access and open memorised reports.

From the Report Centre:

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Report Centre.
  2. On the Report Centre window, select the Memorised tab.
  3. On the left panel, choose the appropriate group. If you didn’t assign a report group when you memorised the report, choose Uncategorised.
  4. Double click the report to open it.

From the Memorised Report List:

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Memorised Reports then Memorised Report List .
  2. On the Memorised Report List window, double click the report.

From the Reports menu:

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Memorised Reports.
  2. Select the report.

You can edit an existing memorised report and opt to create a new one or replace a previously memorised report.

  1. Open the memorised report.
  2. Make the appropriate changes.
  3. Select Memorise.
  4. When you get a prompt, you can either:
    • Select Replace if you want QuickBooks to overwrite the existing memorised report.
    • Select New if you want to keep the existing report and create another one.
  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Memorised Reports then Memorised Report List.
  2. Find the report you want to delete.
  3. Right-click the report and choose Delete Memorised Report (or press Ctrl + D on your keyboard).
  4. Select OK when you receive a prompt asking if you want to delete the memorised report.

You can change the way a memorised report appears on your list or how it is categorised.

  1. Go to the Reports menu, select Memorised Reports and then Memorised Report List.
  2. Move the report from one group to another. There are two ways to do this:
    • Select and drag the diamond and move the report.
    • Manually edit and save the report:
      1. Right-click the report and choose Edit Memorised Report.
      2. Select the Save in Memorised Report Group checkbox and from the drop-down, choose the appropriate report group.
      3. Select OK.

If you do not want to use the existing report groups in QuickBooks, you can add a new one and use it for saving memorised reports.

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Memorised Reports then Memorised Report List.
  2. Select the Memorised Report button and choose New Group.
  3. Enter your desired name for the group.
  4. Select OK.
  • If you get the error message, "QuickBooks encountered errors while attempting to memorise this report. QuickBooks cannot memorise this report. This may be because the report's definition is too large. Try reducing the number of filters or the specific numbers of items chosen in each filter to shrink the report's size." when attempting to memorise or re-memorise reports, you need to reduce the number of filters or the number of item selections chosen in each filter to resolve the error.
  • If you select Process Multiple Reports from the Reports menu and it does not display, it may be caused by a damaged report or a report imported from another version of QuickBooks. You need to find, delete and re-create the report causing the issue.

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