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Accountant rankings on the Find an Accountant web site

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago
Note: As of December 15, 2022 new Desktop Certifications are no longer available.

How accountants are ranked

The Find an Accountant website uses a complex algorithm to determine your ranking. This algorithm changes frequently as we work to display the best and most relevant accountants to each small business.The main factors that determine your ranking are:

  1. Whether you have any Advanced certifications.
    • Note that having both Desktop Advanced and Online Advanced certification does not rank you higher than someone who has only one of these.
  2. Whether you have the most recent QuickBooks Desktop or Online Certification.
    • Small Business owner feedback shows they are more strongly influenced by how recently a certification was completed than how many have been completed over the years.
    • Note that having both Desktop and Online certifications does not rank you higher than someone who has only one of these.
  3. The total number of reviews you have received from clients.
  4. The overall rating from your client reviews.
  5. Your distance from the postcode or city that a prospective client is searching for. The closer an accountant is to the heart of that city or postcode, the more likely it is that they are close to the client running the search- so we rank that profile higher.
  6. Whether you have a profile photo.
    • Faces Matter: When we analysed the actual behaviour of prospective clients at the QuickBooks Find an Accountant Web Site, we discovered that accountants with profile photos receive 2.5 times more clicks than accountants without a profile photo. This means that simply adding a picture to your profile is likely to have a dramatic result.

If you have not already done so you can Publish and manage your Find an Accountant profile in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Improve your profile

If you are currently certified or are about to become certified, here are some tips to help your profile stand out and get attention:

  • CAPITAL LETTERS in your name, company name, and profile get readers' attention. If you use capital letters throughout your message, however, it may appear that you're shouting, so use this tactic appropriately.
  • Personality in your profile helps it stand out from the rest. Tell more about yourself and what makes you and your practice unique in the "About your practice" section of the profile.
  • Current contact information is crucial for your next client to find you, so be sure you update your profile whenever your contact information (such as phone number and e-mail address) changes.
  • Listing it all is important. Select all the applicable professional titles, consulting and technical expertise, services provided, and products supported in your practice.
  • Keeping your certification current by updating it every year.  Current year certification is considered in the ranking algorithm, past certifications are not
  • Certification in QuickBooks Enterprise or Point of Sale Software may be appropriate for your practice and the type of client you like to service. Completing these certifications may increase your rank when other ranking factors are equal
  • More Is More & Less is More. The more information you can provide about you and your practice, the more professional your profile will appear, and the better the chance you will be contacted. However, you want to be concise and relevant so it is less about the number of words you use and more about how you effectively provide information that will entice an end user to call you. Remember, most end users are looking for a solution to a problem. Giving them your concise "elevator pitch" would be the best way to grab and keep their attention.

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