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What payroll processors can do in QuickBooks Online Bureau Payroll

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

In the Bureau dashboard, bureau admin users can give certain users payroll processor access. This helps the bureau team members who handle pay runs for specific clients. 

When a user is given payroll processor access in Bureau Payroll, they'll also have full access to the actual business payroll file. To find these details:

  1. Go to your Payroll settings.
  2. Select Manage users.

Note: Users with payroll processor access cannot add or see other users within the Bureau dashboard. Learn more about user management and access here.

Here are the main things that payroll processors can do within the Bureau dashboard:

1. Access to businesses that are assigned to them

On the Bureau dashboard's Activity feed page, payroll processors can see assigned businesses and their related activities. This access is given through the Admin > User access page.

2. Ability to filter businesses if they're assigned as a primary user

When you give a user payroll processor access, you can also give them additional primary user access. This doesn't give them any extra abilities, but it lets them use their name as a filter on the 'Activity feed' page when they are looking at pay runs and activities.

You can assign a business to a user with payroll processor access without also assigning them as a primary user. If you decide to do this, the user will have access to the business, but their name won't be listed as a filter option when you filter by team member.

3. Ability to make bulk updates

Payroll processors can make bulk updates which we cover in this article.

4. Payroll processors and notifications

Notifications for payroll processors aren't automatically turned on. These notifications are for things like taking leave, making roster shifts and filing expenses. Don't worry, if you want to receive these notifications, you can easily turn them on.

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