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Understand the Business page in QuickBooks Online Bureau Payroll

by Intuit Updated 4 months ago

The business page in QuickBooks Online Bureau Payroll shows all the businesses in your bureau account.

  1. If you have access to multiple bureaus, you can select a bureau from the dropdown.
  2. You can either see all businesses in the bureau (default view), or apply any of the two available filters:
    • Business: You can choose a specific business to view by using either the business name or ID.
    • Payroll manager: You can select a specific user to only see the businesses they are assigned to.
  3. Select Update.

The information that shows will include:

  • Business name with a link to the 'Business details' page.
  • Number of active pay schedules in the business.
  • Data showing number of configured workflows and pay schedules, with an option to edit existing workflows or bulk enable workflows.
    • For example, 0/1 means that no workflows have been created, but there is 1 pay scheduled that can have a workflow configured.
  • Contact info listed in the Details page of the Payroll settings.
  • Payroll manager assigned to the business (if applicable).
  • Action shows an arrow icon which you can select to access the business payroll file.

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