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About SA103F Categories

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This article describes the SA103F deduction categories you can claim as allowable expenses for self-employment. It includes the SA103F box numbers, QuickBooks Self-Employed subcategories, and info about the type of expenses you can deduct and those you can't.

Cost of goods bought for resale or goods used | Box 17

Includes: Cost of goods for resale subcategory

For: Raw materials, direct costs of producing goods sold, opening/closing stock adjustments, commissions, and discounts. It can include fuel costs but only for taxi/minicab/haulage drivers.

Not for: Cost of goods/materials for private use; equipment depreciation.

Construction industry (payments to subcontractors) | Box 18

Includes: Construction subcontractors subcategory

For: Payments to subcontractors in the construction industry (before deductions). Can include work in a domestic environment, such as painting or decorating.

Wages, salaries and other staff costs | Box 19

Includes: Wages and other staff costs subcategory

For: Others to whom you pay salaries, wages, bonuses, pensions, benefits, or other staff costs, including agency fees, subcontract labour costs, and employer’s NICs.

Not for: your own wages and drawings, pension payments, NICs, or any payments made for non-business work.

Tip: Keep a record of any money you take for your own personal use from your business cash, business bank account, or personal bank account (if you don’t have a separate business account).

Car, van and travel expenses | Box 20

Includes: Travel expenses, Car/van expenses subcategories

For: Expenses for car/van insurance, repairs, servicing, fuel, parking, hire charges, vehicle licence fees, AA/RAC membership, train/bus/air/taxi fares, and hotel/meal costs on overnight business trips.

Rent, rates, power and insurance costs | Box 21

Includes: Rent/Utilities/Insurance subcategory

For: Rent for business premises; business and water rates; light, heat, power costs; property insurance; security; and use of home as office (business portion only).

Not for: private or non-business portions of these expenses; cost of buying business premises.

Repairs and renewals of property and equipment | Box 22

Includes: Property/equipment repairs subcategory

For: Repair and maintenance costs of business premises and equipment, replacement of small tools and equipment.

Not for: Private or non-business portions of these expenses; improvement or alteration costs for premises or equipment.

Phone, fax, stationery and other office costs | Box 23

Includes: Office supplies/equipment, Phone and Internet subcategories

For: Telephone and fax running costs, postage, stationery, printing, and small office equipment and software costs.

Not for: Private or non-business portions of these expenses.

Tip: If you use the same phone for business and private use, use itemised bills to calculate the business portion.

Advertising and business entertainment costs | Box 24

Includes: Advertising and website, Meals and entertainment subcategories

For: Advertising in newspapers, directories, mailshots, free samples, and website costs.

Not for: Entertaining clients, suppliers, and customers, or hospitality at events.

Interest on bank and other loans | Box 25

Includes: Interest on bank/loans subcategory

For: any interest on bank and other business loans, and alternative finance payments.

Bank, card and other financial charges | Box 26

Includes: Card charges, Bank charges, other financial charges, Repayments of loans/overdrafts subcategories

For: Bank, overdraft, and card charges; hire purchase interest and leasing payments; and alternative finance payments.

Not for: Private or non-business portions of these expenses; repayment of loans, overdrafts, or finance arrangements.

Irrecoverable debts written off | Box 27

Not supported: Bad debt is associated with invoices and accrual accounting. QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn't provide invoicing and is designed for customers who conduct business on a cash basis, not accrual. Consult your accountant if you have irrecoverable debts and need help claiming them as an allowable expense.

Accountancy, legal and other professional fees | Box 28

Includes: Professional fees subcategory

For: Fees for accountants, solicitors, surveyors, architects, and other professional, and premiums for professional indemnity insurance.

Depreciation and loss/profit on sale of assets | Box 28

Not supported: QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn't track assets and depreciation. Consult your accountant for help claiming this allowable expense.

Other business expenses Box 30

Includes: Other business expenses, Taxes subcategories

For: Trade/professional journals and subscriptions; other sundry business expenses not included elsewhere; and net VAT payments.

Not for: Private or non-business portions of these expenses; protective overalls, headgear, gloves, and specialised clothing; payments to clubs, charities, or political parties; ordinary clothing bought for work.

Tip: All expenditures must be wholly and exclusively for your business.

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