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Fix Pro Tax submission errors in QuickBooks Online Accountant

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

When you submit Corporation Tax (CT600 form) or Annual Accounts to HMRC through QuickBooks Online Accountant, you may receive an error if HMRC rejects your submission. Errors can range from something as simple as a missing field or incorrect information to more complex issues like incorrect calculations or invalid references. 

🔔 Important to know: You can’t prepare annual accounts with QuickBooks that are dated on or before 1 April 2023, or accounts that are more than 365 days old. If you need to file a return that falls before this date, you'll need to find an alternative method. 

Troubleshoot errors

Step 1. Check your Government Gateway user ID and password

The first step in resolving any submission errors is verifying your credentials with Companies House and HMRC. Sign into both sites to confirm that the information provided is correct. This will help ensure that data being sent to HMRC is accurate.

After checking your details, go back to your Pro Tax settings in QuickBooks Online and update your username and password. To do this:

  1. Select Pro Tax, and then Tax settings.
  2. Select the Companies House tab and update your details.
  3. Select the Corporation Tax tab and update your HMRC details.

Step 2. Check your Company Registration Number and Tax Reference Number

Next, it’s essential that you use the correct Company Registration Number (CRN) or Tax Reference Number when filing with HMRC and Companies House. This is what will identify your company to them, so make sure it’s correct. To doublecheck this:

  1. Go to Pro Tax.
  2. Select the return you want to edit.
  3. Select the CT600 section to show more details.
  4. Select Company Information.
  5. Look for box 2 and check the CRN is correct. If you need to make the changes, remember to select Save.

Step 3. Check your Presenter ID

Lastly, make sure your Presenter ID is correct. After you apply for a presenter account, Companies House will send your Presenter ID credentials. This letter will contains your ID (which has 11 characters and a mixture of numbers and letters that start and end with 000), along with an authentication code.

Make sure there aren’t any spaces before or after your username and password. Typing is better than copying and pasting. You can check this is your Pro Tax settings.

  1. In QuickBooks, select Pro Tax.
  2. Select Tax settings.

To help ensure that all required information is being sent correctly, it's important that you verify that you have the correct files to send to either Companies House or HMRC before you start the export process.

If you need to start a new return, select Start return in Pro Tax. If you're updating existing Annual Accounts, select Send to Pro Tax.

Here’s a breakdown of each status and what it means: 

  • Not submitted - You have not yet made a submission to HMRC or Companies House.
  • Waiting - Your submission has been received and is in the review process. 
  • Accepted - Your submission was successful.
  • Rejected - Your submission has been declined and unsuccessful.

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