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Manage shifts for QuickBooks Time web

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn how to create, assign, publish, change schedule view, print, and delete the schedule for QuickBooks Time.

Learn how to: 

Create a shift

To create a shift

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to Schedule.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select inside a cell.
    • Select Actions, then Add Shift.
  3. Enter these items in the shift editor window. All are optional except start date, and start and end times:
    • All Day
    • Repeat
      •  Select the frequency and end date, and select Done.
      • When choosing when to End Repeat, if you select On, the limit is 1 year. If you select After, the limit is 365 shifts.
    • Title
    • Colour
    • Start Date
    • Start Time and End Time (with timezone)
    • Team Members
      • If no team members are assigned to the shift, it appears at the top of your calendar in the Unassigned row.
    • Job or Customer
      • This is needed if you want your team members to clock in to a shift in the Workforce app.
    • Location
      • Will auto-fill with suggested locations from Google maps.
    • Notes
    • Add fields (custom fields)
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Save Draft: Saves the shift without publishing it to the assigned team members' calendars. Will display in white in the calendar. 
    • Publish: Assigns the shift to team member and manager calendars. Published shifts display in their selected colour.

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Assign team members to an existing shift

  1. Go to Schedule, and select a shift.
  2. In the schedule editing window, select Edit.
  3. In the Team Members field, enter one or more team members' names.
  4. Select Publish. The newly assigned team member(s) receive a notification of the change.

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Publish multiple shifts

  1. Go to Schedule, and select Full.
  2. From the dropdown select Day, Week, or Month, then select Publish.

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Revert a published shift to draft status

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Choose the shift, and select Edit.
  3. Select Save Draft.

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Print a copy of the schedule

If you need to print or save a copy of the schedule after you publish it to post for team members:

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Adjust the view for Day, Week, or Month.
  3. Select Print Print_QBTime_US_Ext_072123.png, and choose your Destination.

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Change or delete a shift 

Change a shift

Do one of the following in the Schedule:

  • Select the shift, then Edit. Make the changes, and select Publish.
  • Drag the shift, and select Publish.

Delete a shift

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Select the shift, then Edit.
  3. Select Delete Delete icon..
    1. The shift will be removed from the team member's calendar, and they'll receive a notification.

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