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Enabling RTI

HMRC requires employers to notify them of their liability to PAYE (Pay As You Earn) at the time or before employers make a payment to their employees. This is referred to as Real Time Information (RTI). Before you run your payroll please follow the steps below to add your Goverment Gateway credentials. QuickBooks Online collects the necessary information and sends it to HMRC via the Government Gateway.

As an employer running payroll, you should report your employee’s pay and deductions in a FPS on or before their payday.

You should also send an EPS by the 19th of the following tax month for HM Revenue and Customs to apply any reduction (for example, statutory pay) on what you’ll owe from your FPS.

If you’ve not paid any employees in a tax month, send an EPS instead of FPS. What Payroll Information do I need? provides employer information that you may find useful.

To ensure that RTI is turned on:

  1. Select Company Cog then Employer Settings.
  2. Select Employer Details and ensure RTI Enabled is chosen then Save.
  3. Select HMRC Settings.If you are having difficulty submitting filings to HMRC, please read Common HMRC RTI Error Messages for QuickBooks Online.

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