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Fix permissions errors and missing data in QuickBooks Online for iPad

For the best experience using QuickBooks Online on your iPad, make sure your account has Company Administrator privileges. If your administrator won't grant you full access, request both Clients and Sales and Suppliers & Purchases access for the next best experience.

If your account has limited access, you may see:

  • The message "Sorry! You don't have permission to access this information. Ask your QuickBooks Online admin to fix your permission, and then try signing in again."
  • The Company Activity screen contains incomplete data (for example, no expenses when there should be some, or no data at all). You may be able to download sales transactions by swiping down on the empty area to refresh your data.
  • Tapping "Choose an Account" or "What was it for?" on a new expense shows an empty account list or expense category list.

Here's how a Company Administrator can change privileges for other accounts:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online on the web from a Mac or PC.
  2. Go to Company > Manage Users.
  3. Click the user whose permissions you want to change.
  4. Click Edit ✏️.
  5. Choose Company Administrator, and click Nextto conclude the mini-interview and save your changes.

Note: Time-only and Reports-only user accounts cannot sign in to QuickBooks Online on the iPad. The mobile app currently offers basic reporting functionality but no time tracking functionality.

If you sign in with a valid QuickBooks Online account but see a message that says "Using QuickBooks Windows or Mac," this account only has time tracking or reports access.


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