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HMRC Settings in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

This section is used in order to populate the HMRC information. It is used when submitting Real Time Information (RTI) to the HMRC.


To access the HMRC settings you need to go to Payroll Settings > HMRC Settings.


You will need to fill in your tax office number, your tax office reference and the accounts office reference.


If you are eligible for small employers relief you need to select yes. If you’re a new employer or unsure whether you qualify for Small Employer’s Relief, you should check this with HMRC.


If you will be claiming the Employment Allowance you should select yes. If you are unsure if you can claim the employment allowance you should check this with the HMRC.


On this page you have the option of enabling RTI for the business. If you do choose to enable RTI then you will need to enter your HMRC user Id and your HMRC password.


When you choose Yes for the setting Would you like to make RTI submissions in Test mode for this business? on the HRMC Settings page pay runs can be submitted but we will receive a generic notification from HMRC with a Non filing notice.


This functionality is provided by HMRC to validate submissions against their live services without the submissions filtering through to the rest of their back end systems. Essentially it can be used to make sure HMRC is happy with the details you've added into the HMRC Settings screen in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll.


Note: When the Test mode setting is enabled, HMRC will only validate the payload, they will not process it (ie. an pay run submitted in Test Mode will only be validated by HMRC and not processed through their systems).


You should change the Test mode setting to No in order to actually submit your pay run/s.


If you have registered with the Government gateway where users can access online government services securely and easily over the Internet you need to select yes and fill in the details.


You can choose to submit your Employer Payment Summary (EPS) monthly on a date you select by choosing the date from the drop down field. You can choose not to submit it automatically in this field too.


In the next few fields you need to enter the account name and numbers and save.

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