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How to make an employee a leaver in PaySuite 

When an employee leaves

  • Mark them as a leaver
  • Run their final payroll and send an FPS
  • Give the employee a P45

Mark an employee as a leaver

  1. Go to Employees > Employee Profile >Leaver
  2. Enter the leaving date of the employee.
  3. For Details of leaving,
    • Select the employee's leaving date.
    • Select the employee's reason for leaving.
  4. Select Save. Once you save the leaving date, the P45 becomes available at the bottom section of the Employee Profile. You will see the new option View P45.

Run final payroll and send FPS

We'll let you know when you get to the employee's final payroll. When you send an FPS for that payroll, we'll tell HMRC you've finished paying the employee.

If you already finished paying your employee we'll tell HMRC when you send your next FPS.

Give the leaver a P45

Creating a P45 closes the employment record. If the employee returns, you'll need to open a new employment record with a new payroll ID.

Have questions? See What to do when an employee leaves on GOV.UK

Paying after leaving?

If your employee has already left and you have issued them with a P45 and you need to give them extra pay, please follow the next steps:

  1. Select the drop down arrow on the P45 option
  2. Select Payment After Leaving
  3. Process the pay as normal
  4. Please note the tax code and tax basis automatically change as the employee has already left.
  5. Print off final payslip.

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