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Matching your bank transactions for mobile

Learn how to accept matching transactions in QuickBooks Online mobile.

QuickBooks matches up transactions for you. For example, if an invoice payment matches a downloaded income transaction, QuickBooks suggests it as payment for the invoice. In this article, we'll show you how to quickly scan matched transactions and approve them using your mobile device.

  1. Select Banking.
  2. Select a bank. (Note: Use the list icon to get a better view of all connected accounts.)
  3. If a match is correct, swipe right to accept. If you want to see transaction details, select the transaction.
  4. If there's just one match and it's correct, select Accept.
  5. If there are multiple matches, choose the correct one, and select Accept.
  6. If none are correct, search to find other possible matches. Choose the correct one, and select Accept.

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