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P32 values for PaySuite for QuickBooks Online

If you have already made payments to HMRC for the current tax year, you must enter the amount of these payments into QuickBooks to ensure the figures are up to date. Likewise, if you have been claiming the Employment Allowance in the current tax year, you must enter the amount you have already claimed.  This will prevent you from claiming more than the £3000 allowance.

Enter these figures on the P32 Values screen which is accessed from the Gear icon and Employer Settings.

The system will not automatically update the values, it must be a manual entry by the customer each time a payment is made to HMRC.

Employment Allowance (amount left to claim)

In the Opening Balances section, enter the amount of Employment Allowance you have left to claim in the current tax year.  You should be able to find this information on the P32 Report from your previous software.  For example, if you have already claimed £500 of the Employment Allowance, enter £2500 as your amount left to claim.

Paid to HMRC & Payments to HMRC

Enter the cumulative amount you have already paid to HMRC for this tax year into the Paid to HMRC field.

Under the Payments to HMRC section, enter the monthly breakdown of these payments.  The total of the figures entered into these fields should equal the amount entered into the Paid to HMRC field.

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