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Why can't I get to the QuickBooks Online sign in page?

Are you having problems accessing the sign in page? Did you attempt to sign in only to get an error message (WebPage cannot be found, Error 404: File Not Found, or QBO is currently unavailable, please try again later)?

In both cases, there are three diagnostic steps that you can use to fix this problem. Please perform these steps in sequence and, after each step, try to sign in.

The three diagnostic steps to troubleshoot your sign-in page issue

Step 1: Clear your browser cache/temporary Internet files.

Step 2: Open a new window and type in: If you're unable to sign in using the link from your favourites list, update it by creating a new favourite. See Create shortcuts to frequently-visited web pages for steps.

You can also try this additional URL:

Step 3: Reboot your computer, modem, and router in this order.

  1. Shut down your computer
  2. Power down or unplug your modem (DSL or Cable Modem).
  3. Unplug the power for your wireless router  or server (if separate from modem).
  4. Wait 15-30 seconds then plug the modem back in.
  5. Wait another 15-30 seconds, then plug the wireless router back in.
  6. Start your computer back up.

None of the three steps worked, now what can I do?

If none of the three steps worked, you may need to upgrade your browser. Review our QuickBooks Online system requirements.

Are there any additional settings I should check? 

Check your privacy settings

If you are still experiencing problems, please check your privacy settings. Set them to medium or lower, and allow access to Also, make sure you have cookies enabled. After adjusting these settings, close all open browsers, reopen and try to access

Need more help? 

If after going through these diagnostic steps you still can't sign in, please contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

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