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Workplace Pension reports in PaySuite

Reports are provided to you as a reference and for your records.

The workplace pension reports show all the employees in your pension plan, their personal details, the date they enrolled, their assessment information, the employer and employee contributions, and their pensionable earnings.

Only the workplace pension reports have to be submitted to your pension provider. To submit the reports, download the CSV file.

Note: Remember not to open the CSV file, or the information might not submit properly. If you open it by accident, go back and download it again.

To submit the pension reports

  1. Sign into QuickBooks Online.
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Select Reports.
  4. Select Membership or Contribution file.

IMPORTANT: The pension reports are available in CSV format. It is important that you do not open the CSV files before sending them to your pension provider. If you open the report, the information might be corrupted and might not upload successfully. If you have mistakenly opened the CSV file, go back and download it again.

Please remember if you are using another provider other than NEST, you will have to manually upload the pension contributions manually to the provider.

“I thought QB sends the information automatically to my pension provider” “ I can’t upload the Contribution Schedule on my provider’s website”

No. QuickBooks doesn’t communicate with the pension provider, however it creates two reports on the end of each pay run to show the contributions. The two reports are called “Contribution Schedule” and “Membership file”.You can access these reports by selecting Employees then Reports.

Also remind the customers that these pension reports are generic files, as originally all pension providers were meant to have the same layout for the Contribution Schedule, but then they all had their own requirements. The customers may have to edit the file in Excel before they can upload it on their provider’s website. What’s probably better is to get a sample file from the provider’s page, and copy the information over from the QB file.

Please ensure the customer does not open the file because it will become corrupt as it opens in a different format. If they use another provider the generic pension report is the one to use.

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