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How to send remittance advice [Video]

Trying to send bulk remittance advice? This is now possible within the Expenses screen.

  1. On the left menu, select Expenses,then Expenses 
  2. Select Filter, then select the Transaction Type Bill Payments 
  3. Apply addition filters if required, then Apply
  4. Tick the transaction you wish to send remittance advice for.
  5. Select Batch Actions and select Send remittance 
  6. Update the email copy (if required) then click Send

​Note: If you attempt to send a remittance advice for supplier/s without email address you will be prompted to provide an email address, this information can be saved to the Supplier's contact card by ticking the box labelled Save email address for future use

Additional reference:NOTE: This video is hosted on the Australian Community page. While this video applies to QuickBooks Online in all countries,  the other videos on this YouTube page may not.

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