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QB Online personal drawings


I use (and have used for many years) multiple bank accounts to pay for personal and business expenses. Moreover, as I work from home, many of the expenses that I incur need to be split between business and personal use. I have just switched to QB online and it's apparent that this is not possible. As far as I can tell the only product that does do this is QB Self Employed. The problem is I can't create different bank accounts in QB Self Employed without linking them digitally to my actual bank accounts, something I do NOT want to do. I want to manually upload bank data monthly using a CSV file. Does anyone know if QB has a product that can do this?

I am beginning to think that it doesn't.

QuickBooks Team

QB Online personal drawings

Hello BossWookie, so there is no split option in QuickBooks online, so it be a case of you having to do transfers between the personal and business accounts. For reconciliation purposes, you would just create a dummy personal account in QuickBooks and transfer them to that. 


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