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Set up or change lead accountants in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Learn how to make accountants at your practice the lead accountant for specific clients.

In QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can assign lead accountants to specific clients. Lead accountants become the primary contact for your firm. They communicate with and handle your clients' QuickBooks accounts. Here's how to assign or change a lead accountant for a client. We'll also show you how to easily sort your client list by lead accountant.

Step 1: Assign a lead accountant to a client

There are two ways to become a lead accountant:

In both cases, the lead accountant gets access to the client's books. Other accountants at your firm can also review the client's accounts. Here's how to change which team members can access your clients' books.

Note: The lead accountant role is completely separate from the master admin role. Sometimes, the same person can have both roles. You can be the master admin of a company file, but not the lead accountant. Follow these steps to change the master admin for a client's company file.

Step 2: Change lead accountants

You can assign specific lead accountants to specific clients:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant as an admin. Note: Only firm admins can assign lead accountants.
  2. Go to the Clients menu.
  3. Select the filter icon.
  4. Select Edit leads.
  5. Find the client you want to change the lead for.
  6. Select a new lead accountant in the Lead column.
  7. Select Save.

To assign multiple clients to the same lead accountant:

  1. Select the checkbox for each client.
  2. From the Assign to dropdown, select a lead accountant.
  3. Select Save.

Step 3: Review your lead accountants

You can see who on your team is working with which client on your client list. Go to the Clients menu. The lead accountant for each client is in the Lead column.

Want to see all the clients for a specific lead accountant?

  1. Go to the Clients menu.
  2. Select the filter icon.
  3. Select a lead accountant from the Lead dropdown.
  4. Select Apply.

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