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Dataswitcher conversion limitations from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online

The following limitation of service can occur when you are converting from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online using Dataswitcher.

Future Transactions

Deleted transactions are not taken into account in the conversion. These are filtered out by the software.

Year End transactions

Sage50 clears the Profit & Loss accounts by transferring the funds into a specific nominal code. The transactions that are posted with this account are ignored; this happens because QuickBooks Online would otherwise duplicate your company results. If the classification of nominal codes was wrong in Sage50 this might cause issues; this might happen if a balance sheet account was wrongly classified as a P&L account.

Opening Balance

When doing a conversion, often you are not converting all dates that are in the company file. When selecting the free conversion, Dataswitcher will only convert the last two financial years on the file.  Any transactions from the remaining years will be consolidated into an automatically calculated opening balance. However, if you choose to pay for further years, all financial data will be moved across.

Locations and classes

  • Departments in Sage50 will become locations in QuickBooks Online.
  • Cost centres will become classes in QuickBooks Online

In Sage50 it's only possible to specify departments on line levels. In QuickBooks Online, this is not possible.

You can only specify one location in QuickBooks Online. This means an invoice with multiple departments in Sage50 will end up in QuickBooks Online as only one location.

Example: You have an invoice in Sage50 with two lines. The first line is specified as department X, the second line is specified as department Y. In this scenario, Dataswitcher will convert the invoice with department X.

VAT will be converted, as a line item

Dataswitcher does VAT from the source system, as a line item. This gives you a higher quality conversion that closes financially. However, you need to do a post check step for your first VAT report. This is a one time process.

Matching journal entries on a supplier level

Dataswitcher can not match related supplier bills to their respective journal entries. The journal entries will still be posted, however, they will remain unlinked. This mostly happens when you are taking payments on account for suppliers. You will have to match these entries manually after the conversion.

Cash VAT accounting

If your company uses cash VAT accounting instead of accrual, there are some additional post-conversion steps. You have to manually change your open invoices after the conversion to include VAT. Click here on what you need to do.

Before you convert please ensure you follow and understand the pre-conversion checklist before converting to QuickBooks Online. The reconciliation of the bank is important for cash VAT accounting, as this affects the partial VAT report in Sage50.


We support up to 1000 items with stock.

Multi-currency limitations

When you convert multi-currency there might be a split beginning balance (on for each currency). Currency revaluations for invoices will not be posted as purchases and sales. When you select a matched payments, QuickBooks Online will automatically correct these revaluations for you.

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