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Get the most out of your Settings in QuickBooks Online for mobile

You can tailor a bunch of things for your business from within the QuickBooks Online app. For example, you can turn invoice notifications on and off so you only get them if they are meaningful to you.

Access Settings


From the Menu ☰, select Settings.


Select More Options ⋮, then select Settings.

Once you're in Settings, here's what you'll see:

    • Version: App that you're currently running. (Android tablet: This is called Application Version.)
    • Company Information: Set up contact details about your company, including your company name, address, phone number, and URL. This information appears on your sales forms.

    • Call-In Notifications (Android phone only): Lets you know when a customer calls. It is on by default, but you can turn it off.

  • Invoice Notifications: You'll be notified when you have overdue invoices. It is on by default, but you can turn it off. (iPhone: This is called Overdue Invoice alerts.) (Android tablet: This is called Invoice Overdue Notification.)
  • Subscription: (iOS only) See how much time is left on your QuickBooks Online subscription before it's time to renew. You can also get subscription help if you need it.
  • Sales Forms: Create custom messages for estimates, invoices, and sales receipts. Select Default email message and the form you want to customise. You can create a different subject and message for each type of sales form.
  • Taxes/Tax Rates: Set up and add new tax rates for your business. As your business expands to new places, you can collect the correct tax so you're ready for tax time.
  • Gesture Lock (Android only): Create a gesture lock pattern to get quick access.
  • Screen Lock (Android tablet): Go to Security Settings and you'll be able to set up a Screen Lock.

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