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Account locked

My free subscription ran out last week. I entered the details and started the subscription (first payment has been made), however when I now try and log in I keep receiving the same message saying that my subscription has ran out and takes me back to the pay a subscription page.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Account locked

Hey Jpmallinson,



I have checked your account and there is no billing information in our system, and the subscription is still showing as an expired trial. Has a payment been taken from your bank?

Active Member

Re: Account locked



thanks for your reply. Payment went out of my bank on the 22nd of July.

Still no access.


Re: Account locked

Hi Jpmallinson,


We can resolve this account locked by pulling up your account. This way, we will know what's happening with your account. However, this can't be done in the Community for security purposes. 


I recommended reaching out to the Customer Care Team for assistance. From the home page, click on Assistant, enter a topic and click on Connect with us.


Please let us now if you have any questions.