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Bank account connectivity not working

Every time I open the QuickBooks app I see a connectivity issue with my bank account and it asks me to reenter the security code.




After doing this, it usually works. I presume this is some kind of extra security step required by my bank.


However, it is now unusable. After entering the code, I see this screen telling me "something unexpected happened", and asking me to reenter my credentials:




After doing this, it asks me for the security code again. I enter it. Then I see another "something unexpected happened" error.




The credentials entered are correct and I can sign in to my bank's app without issue. Yesterday I couldn't sign in to my bank account for 10 minutes or so, but there are no issues I'm aware of at present.


This is a real inconvenience that has been going on since yesterday. If I remember correctly, deleting my bank account removes all previously entered transactions too, so that is not an option. Any idea what the issue is?


Thank you.


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