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Can I start a full-time job while self-employed? (COVID-19)

Hi all,


Quick question: I've started a full-time job for another company as my self-employed (sole trader) work has dried up due to COVID-19. I've now had to do an employee deceleration for this new job as to whether or not I have another job (for accounting purposes). Contract did not mention having other jobs (apart from non-competition).


  1. Legally speaking, can I be full-time and also be classified as self-employed?
  2. Does this mean that my self-employed work is still classified as a 'job' on the employee deceleration?



QuickBooks Team

Can I start a full-time job while self-employed? (COVID-19)

Hi Joeanthonyluk


Thanks for contacting the Community.


1. Yes you can be working full time employed and also be Self Employed and filling in a self-assessment with HMRC.

2. Do you mean for this is my only job declaration? If so as you pay tax and National Insurance contributions on your employment and self-employment income in different ways. So the Self Employed work would not class as another job.


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