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Can not import customer from GoCardless database

Hello! I have managed to import over 5 customers form GoCardless for DD mandate with no problems. But starting from last Friday I can not find to import more of them, any ideas why? I am doing same thing - creating a customer on QuickBooks database, then going to IMPORT MANDATE and trying to find it but nothing appears on the end screen - its just empty.

QuickBooks Team

Can not import customer from GoCardless database

Hi userstorage123reg


Thanks for your post, 


Do the customers that you're trying to import show on GoCardless' site with an active status?


To check for any cache issues, I'd also be grateful if you could log in via a private browsing window (on Chrome, select the 3 dots in the top-right > new incognito window) and attempt to import from there. 🧐