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iif import inaccurate errors

Each time I try to import an iif file I get the message that all the lists and transactions have failed. The Review Now button does not open any window to help. The irony of this is: 1) If I ignore the warnings and just import the file then all is well, and; 2) Quickbooks know about this problem from when I was a tester in its Beta phase and QB have done nothing about it. That was over a year ago. They have been sent sample iif files, promised to escalate the problem and done zilch about it. Does anyone at Quickbooks care that their 2018 sofrtware does not function correctly?
QuickBooks Team

Re: iif import inaccurate errors

Hi Big-Al


We do care about our customers concerns and situations.

We do not directly support IIF files but we can confirm that an improved IIF import software was part of the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 update, and can also provide you with the following links to articles relating to IIF files that you may find useful: