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iOS app issues from March 2021 onwards

One of our clients, who has previously been using the iOS app on his iPhone with no problems for months, was suddenly unable to process any invoices or estimates from around the 31st March. He no longer had access to add any VAT codes to his estimates/invoices, and so could not create any new ones.


Between us over the last couple of weeks we've tried various bits of trouble-shooting, after my initial chat with QB suggested just uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which didn't work.


We found that his log-in (he doesn't have full admin rights, but this hasn't been an issue before) would not show any tax codes using his iPhone 12, his partner's iPhone 8, or my own iPhone 11.

His Android phone was still showing the tax codes with no problems.


My QB log-in (I do have admin rights) worked on his iPhone 12 and my own iPhone 11.


His log-in did also work correctly on my desktop PC. His job requires him to be out and about through the working day, so he does all of his estimates and any invoices from his phone, and he has never used the desktop version, so this wasn't an option to change to that.


We went as far as making a new log-in for him under a different email address but the issues were exactly the same.


We then changed his access rights to full admin, and the tax codes suddenly appeared.


My question is whether anyone else has experienced this, and whether the QB iOS app has had some small updates that could affect functionality/accessibility if you're not a full admin user? I can't imagine our client is the only person this has happened to?


Nothing else on his account has changed, and before the 31st March, he was able to add tax codes with absolutely no issues.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


iOS app issues from March 2021 onwards

Hello there, Lydia88. I appreciate you for bringing this concern to the Community place.


There are no changes to the access right of the client. They don't need a full admin right to add VAT to the invoices or estimates. I can see the importance of getting this work the same as before. Since you've done uninstalling and reinstalling the app, we would like to further investigate why it's happening on their end.


Please give us a short call. Our support team can look into specific accounts in detail and see what's going on. Here's how:


  1. Log in to your QBO account in a web browser.
  2. Go to Help at the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Contact us.
  4. You'll be asked to enter a brief description of your concern. Click Continue.
  5. Choose how you want to connect with us.


Go back here if you need further assistance or anything related to QuickBooks. Take care and stay safe always.

James Read
Level 3

iOS app issues from March 2021 onwards

You're not alone. I've just come across this issue, late this afternoon (when creating invoices via the IOS / iPhone app).


In the past month, we created two new user accounts (both have "standard user" rights, not admin, so they can create invoices etc, but not view bank accounts etc) in preparation for new employees joining us.


One of the new employees was trying to add their first invoice today (on their iPhone) and when adding a product/line item to the invoice, the standard vat code (Sales 20%) doesn't show as pre-entered.


Instead as you try and "add the line item" a message pops up saying "select the tax code: select the tax code for the line item " (with an OK button to dismiss the popup). 


If you try and set the vat code for the line item, it takes you to a page inviting you to "set up tax rates" (suggesting there are none set up). If you click on add tax rate, it takes you to another page asking "what would you like to do: Create a tax rate for an agency? Combine taxes in a group? Create a custom tax rate? or cancel...


So...perhaps down to a permissions access bug, for this "standard user" it thinks there are no vat codes set up, so they can't go any further.


I confirm too, that if temporarily given Admin rights, these user accounts work fine. As soon as you switch them back to standard users (which we have to do), the vat messages start appearing again.


This is the same for both of the "standard users" that were added recently. However, it seems our other "standard users" (there are 6 standard users accessing this particular QBO account, which were all created between 6 months and 3 years ago) work fine (based on the fact they have all created invoices today, and not been in touch to say they've had a problem, but I will speak to them all tomorrow to double check).


I have checked and the problem "standard user" accounts work fine in the web app. However, employees do 100% of their invoicing via iPhones and using the web app on an iPhone (and typing up large invoice reports) it not something you want to do for more than a day or two.


I spoke with QBO support just before they shut down for the evening, and it was confirmed as a bug, and that at least 2 other companies had reported the same issue.


Having come across this thread though, it's disappointing to hear it's already been several weeks without a fix.


Hopefully this won't be like a similar permissions issue we had back in 2018 which took 17 months to fix (Standard Users couldn't set Locations on invoices using IOS, as described here...


James Read
Level 3

iOS app issues from March 2021 onwards

Just to update.

5 “standard users”, whose accounts were created a while ago are fine (on latest 21.05.01 and previous 21.04.0 Version of QuickBooks IOS / iPhone app)


2 new standard users, whose accounts were created in the last 6 weeks or so, have the issue. I have just created a new test account, and it has the same issue too.


This suggests to me that it’s a permissions issue on new accounts. They all show the same permissions, but something under the hood is different between them.

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