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No account but payment taken

I registered for a quickbooks account on 23/03. Money has been taken from my account for the monthly fee, but no email to confirm the account has been set up. I have tried to log in and the message says there is no account linked to my email address. Yesterday I called the quickbooks callcentre and they could not find the account. They told me to email quickbooks via the website - however there is no option to do this. 

At this point I just want my money back and also need to stop the direct debit.  Who can I talk to in order to sort this out? 


No account but payment taken

Hello there, Scarlette.


Every penny counts when running a business, and I can see the urgency of having this resolved as soon as possible. 


One of the possible reasons you're unable to receive an email confirmation and access your QuickBooks account is that your email address is incorrect or the notification was in your spam message. 


To ensure that this gets sorted out, I recommend checking your spam or junk folders if there's a confirmation email from QuickBooks. If you can find the notification, you can continue registering and confirming your QuickBooks account and cancel your subscription to get your refund. 


However, if you're still unable to see the notification, you can visit this article for detailed information on processing refunds in QuickBooks: Request a refund for your QuickBooks product.


Moreover, I'll also share this link where you can search for articles that can serve as your reference to learn more about QuickBooks: QuickBooks Online Help Articles.


I'm looking forward to getting this resolved. Feel free to leave a reply if you have additional QuickBooks-related queries. The Community team always has your back. Have a good one.

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No account but payment taken

Hi DHeraV,


Thanks for getting back to me.


No - the email has definitely not got lost in spam (this was the first thing I checked!)


I have also called the call centre and they have no record of my account either which is weird considering the money has been taken from my account. The call centre said they were unable to help me any further.


I have tried to follow the link  Request a refund for your QuickBooks product

however you need to enter a bill number which I don't have as I haven't received any communication from QuickBooks.


I'm a bit lost now with that to do next.  Obviously I want my money to be refunded.



QuickBooks Team

No account but payment taken

Hello SRE23, thanks for coming back to us here, can you send us a PM or DM on either Facebook or twitter so we can get some details off you and look into this more for you. Thanks 

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