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P/L for individual products in QBO?

My company manufactures electronic equipment.

We use QBO for our accounts and we'd like to look at ways of using it to keep track of Income vs Costs on the individual products we manufacture and sell.

Seems like the issue with the QBO 'Projects' feature is we can only allocate an incoming Bill or an outgoing Invoice to one project - so if we invoice a customer for multiple products, or we buy parts for multiple products we cant allocate them individually.

We originally tried the 'Products & Services' functionality but that is only designed for very basic 'Buy a thing, sell that thing' business - not manufacturers.

Can anyone offer some advice on better tracking outgoing vs. incoming P/L per product/project in QBO?


Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

P/L for individual products in QBO?

Consider having a manufacturing app to integrate with your QBO account.

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