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Product and service issues in QuickBooks Online


This Status page is going to be retired in the near future.


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Welcome to the UK QuickBooks Online status page. Here is where you will find real-time information about known product and service issues, as well as the latest updates and resolutions.


Active issues 



GoCardless Bank deposit and fees showing incorrectly

Go Cardless transactions are not recording the fees correctly 


What does this mean for you?

Bank deposit is showing as a positive multiply line for the fees with only 1 payment ticked.
The result is it is adding the fees amount to the bank balance and the transaction instead of deducting it

We are working  to resolve this issue, please monitor this page for updates


PayPal foreign currency transactions

Foreign currency transactions against PayPal accounts are not converted to GBP in QuickBooks Online.


What does this mean for you? 

1. Exclude foreign currency transactions when you review these in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-Employed.

2. Add these transactions manually or via a CSV file with the correct amount.


We are working to improve this functionality, please monitor this page for further updates.



PayPal fees

The PayPal fees are not included in the bank feed.  


What does this mean for you?

In the meantime, please manually add these transactions into QuickBooks Online.


We are working with PayPal to resolve this issue, please monitor this page for updates.



Resolved issues 



Green spinning wheel when trying to load Payroll - Resolved 30 July

When trying to load Payroll in QuickBooks, the Standard Payroll page shows loading with a green spinning circle.


Resolved: Customer were unable to upload banking transactions via CSV for new bank accounts - Wednesday 9 June, 2021


American Express - Thursday 6 May, 2021

Customers connected to Amex with supplementary accounts will receive an Error 101 while retrieving accounts, balances and transactions in QuickBooks Online.


This issue is now resolved.

Note: Balances do not show against the supplementary accounts. The balance only shows against the main card. 


Resolved: Monzo - Wednesday 5 May, 2021

Customers connected to Monzo will receive an Error 105 while retrieving accounts, balances and transactions in QuickBooks Online. 

This issue is now resolved. 



Resolved: Latency when accessing Advanced Payroll  Monday 26 April, 2021

We were made aware of severe latency when accessing Advanced Payroll. This issue has now been resolved. We thank you for your patience.



Resolved: QuickBooks Time support – Friday 23 April, 2021

Our QB Time support channels (chat) are currently unavailable. We have engaged with our team to establish a resolution.


While we are working on this, you can contact our telephone support by calling +44 (808) 164 0610. If you're using the mobile app, select Settings, followed by Help & Support, and send an SMS Support Message.



Resolved: HMRC downtime – Friday 19 April, 2021

HMRC is currently experiencing an incident with MTD services.


What does this mean for you?

You will be unable to authorise QuickBooks Online with HMRC while this is ongoing. We will continue to update this page with updates as we learn more.


Update: HMRC have confirmed the MTD service is now available.



Resolved: PayPal bank connection – Monday 29 March, 2021 

Some customers are not able to re-authenticate their bank connection or update new transactions.

We are working to resolve this issue, please check back here for further updates. 


Update: The issue has now been resolved. You may be asked to re-authenticate your bank connection, please follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your account.

Lloyds Bank - Direct Feed Connections - Monday 10th May

Customers with Lloyds Bank Direct Feed connections have not been able to update new transactions since 01 May 2021. 

We are working to resolve this issue. Please check back here for further updates


VAT UK - Incorrect FRS Calculation - Thursday 12th May

FRS incorrectly calculating 20% VAT rate in the return instead of 7.5%, when on a Cash calculation basis only.

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