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QB balance, Bank Balance & Transaction/Banking



we have multiple bank accounts linked automatically and everything is working well.

We recently had to add a new bank account that QB doesn't offer support for automatic linking. This account always shows a bank balance of $0 and an accurate (up to your last file upload) QB balance.


This is the first, small, grief. As a software company, if updated manually, how can it be to put something else than $0 in bank balance. Even a N/A would be better since $0 is actally a real value, therefore this is confusing.


Second grief, a more important one, in Transaction/Banking you have a summary of all your accounts. The balance (and only value) showed in the summary box is $0 !!!! So the bank balance, not the quickbook balance .... And there is no way to change this it seems.


Can someone please point me to a fix and/or QB please change this as this is really counter intuitive.



QuickBooks Team

QB balance, Bank Balance & Transaction/Banking

Let me share something about banking, NicolasA.


Unlike the direct connect, the WebConnect or manual import doesn't have a connection to your bank. That's why the Bank Balance is showing as $0 and we're unable to remove or change the figure.


Once we manually import the transactions, we need to make sure that the QuickBooks Balance matches the real bank balance. Also, it's best to always reconcile it so that your bank statement and QuickBooks Online have the same amount.


In regards to the bank that QuickBooks Online doesn't support, you can send a request. This is to notify our team so they can find a way about it.

  1. Go to the Banking or Transactions tab and select Add account.
  2. Search for the name or URL of your financial institution. If you’re unable to find it, select Request support for your bank.
  3. Enter your bank's web address (URL) in the field provided, then select Request.

This link will show you how to handle downloaded bank transactions: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Keep on posting if you need more help. Stay safe and healthy!

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