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Quickbooks support chat not working

I've tried for 2-3 days now to get in touch with support, click the button, fill out the form with company name / e-mail etc.. jab the button.. get a white webpage.. nothing happens.


Can someone from Quickbooks support please make contact with me? I need to delete a company from my QBO account so it does not cause confusion.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks support chat not working

Hello Wcircuits, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


Thanks for letting us know, will pass this on to the engineers it should be working fine though have had no other reports of the customer having an issue connecting the help chat line. 


We will be more than happy to assist you here and if you continue to =have problems with the chat, just ask your query here and we will reply back to you. 


I take it when you log in with your email address you have two companies showing up and you only want to us one of them and dont want the other one. 


You cant delete a company can only cancel the subscription this when you log in will show the company under the canceled companies heading. 


if you need the account active then just change the name of the account in settings and it changes the name when you login, so if you need to login to a company that is now showing twice change the name of the one you don't want to something like do not use. 



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