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Quickbooks Desktop Install issue / VMware

Hi there


I'm attempting to install Quickbooks Desktop 2019 on a Windows 10 install on VMware Fusion 11 on a Mac.


Everything goes fine until I have to enter the License and Product Number, at which stage the alphabetical keys on the keyboard no longer function, only the numbers keys work. If I press any alphabetical keys an error chime sounds.


Keyboard works fine on all other programs within the Fusion install.


Would love to hear any ideas anyone has.




QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Desktop Install

Hi aebailey


Our desktop products are not compatible with mac's.

Level 2

Re: Quickbooks Desktop Install

Thanks for the reply John. 


But the installation is taking place on a Windows operating system running in a virtual machine. 




Level 2

Re: Quickbooks Desktop Install

Okay, sorted.


For anyone who has the issue in the future - do not enter any alphabetical characters provided in the License Number or Product Number. Only enter the numbers, and ignore the letters.




Level 1

Re: Quickbooks Desktop Install

Very helpful. How on earth did you figure that out? Since solving the issue, have you discovered any other issues while using this setup?

Level 6

Re: Quickbooks Desktop Install

QuickBooks Desktop license (installation/product code) always in numeric. I never saw in alphanumeric.