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Scottish Taxes

Hi I'm trying the trial of Quickbooks Self Employed.


There doesn't seem a setting for it to estimate tax using Scottish Taxes?


Doesn't matter that much, but as they're going to diverge from UK taxes in the coming year it's important. Will Quickbooks be addressing this?

QuickBooks Team

Scottish Taxes

Good to see you here in the Community, id9.


First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for trying the trial version of QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE). I'm here with some insight to provide regarding this matter.


Here at Intuit, it's our goal to address the needs of every QuickBooks user around the globe and make sure you get the best experience possible. That being said, I'd recommend that you visit our QuickBooks Blog.


Currently, QBSE only supports the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA) and the United States (US) for estimated taxes. However, once Scottish Tax calculations are available, we will post it in our blog so it'll be a good idea to check it out from time to time.


I hope this response finds you with a smile today. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. I've always got your back. Cheers!

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Scottish Taxes



Bit tempted to post this to reddit to see what r/scotland think of this reply. 


Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom. We are one of the 4 main parts (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to simplify it a little).


If you "support the UK", then you support Scotland, unless you want to rebrand -


"Quickbook UK - Except Scotland",


"Quickbooks UK - England, Northern Ireland, and Wales only".


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Scottish Taxes

(EDIT: This is is from the OP, id9. It's logged me with another username for some reason.)


Any chance of a reply to this before the UK sale ends in a few hours?


The current Quickbooks Self Employed UK is not fit for purpose as it assumes everyone in the UK pays the same tax, when there's about to be a big difference between the amount of tax people pay in Scotland and in England.


When I ask about this, I get a response that seems to think I'm asking for support in a new country. Rather than an understanding that the United Kingdom is made up of different countries. 

Guys! It's not filling me with confidence that this is understood to be an issue!

QuickBooks Team

Scottish Taxes

Thanks for posting your question on the Community AldrinS and dddd43er.


Please accept my apologies for my colleagues misunderstanding regarding your question. The QuickBooks Self Employed product is currently based using the Self Assessment 103 form. As soon as we have any information about any changes being made to accommodate these new tax changes I will update this thread.

Level 2

Scottish Taxes

Hi EdwardR


Thanks for the reply. The main thing I want to know is if Quickbooks is committed to addressing this issue. As this is something that isn't going to affect me for around a year in the future, I don't mind that Quickbooks is not currently taking into account the Scottish situation. 


But I do want to know before I commit to Quickbooks that you are going to address this, or else I might as well keep using a spreadsheet along with HMRC ready reckoner.


PS I also use Self Assessment 103 form, that's not different in Scotland. The difference is the calculation at the end