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Recording PAYE employment transactions

Hi I was directly employed over a number of years up until July 2018 and as such was paye. Since then I have been self employed. Can I input my paye earnings without it messing up my tax calculation? 

QuickBooks Team

Recording PAYE employment transactions

Hi Nick


Is there a particular reason that you would like to enter your previous PAYE earnings?


Are you using the Self Employed product?

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Recording PAYE employment transactions

Hi Talial,


I want to be able to input my earnings through paye so that my tax calculation is accurate.

I was paying tax via Paye from april-july until I left that employment and went self employed. It is my understanding that I would of used up my tax free allowance within that time and so my taxable income should be influenced by those earnings now that I am self employed. Would it be as simple as changing my tax code from what is shown on a p60?

Yes using QB self employed 

QuickBooks Team

Recording PAYE employment transactions

Hello Nick,


It would be best to check this with an accountant, as we are not accountant trained - they will know best on how this will affect your tax calculation.





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Recording PAYE employment transactions

I'm in the same boat, employed until November of the 18/19 tax year.

I was told that the option to add previous earnings and tax/NI payments would appear at the end of the relevant tax year. Maybe only on the desktop version not mobile??

Thanks in advance,




Recording PAYE employment transactions

Hi there, @Keith69


I'll help ensure you're able to add the previous earnings and NI payments in the QBSE mobile app. 


I've replicated here on my end using the mobile version, there should be an option to add the payments on the Tax Profile settings. Please see the screenshot to serve as your visual guide. 



To help fix this, let's manually update the QBSE app on your phone to get the latest features in the app.

You can also install the latest update on your phone's operating system. 


Here's how to update the app: 


  1. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). 
  2. Search the QBSE app. 
  3. Click Update


Once updated, let's check to see if you'll have the option to add the previous earnings and NI payments in the app. 


Please let me know how it goes after performing the steps above, @Keith69


I'll be around to help if you need further assistance. Have a great day. 

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Recording PAYE employment transactions



Thanks for the advice, have done this and it does not seem to have an impact on projections.


More importantly, do I record individual payments as a Business transaction or personal transaction? 


Unless I have missed something, it seems a shame that the app is designed for people who are purely self-employed. If you receive part paye payments the app immediately becomes a lot less user friendly. Surely the appeal of the app is that it makes tax returns as easy as possible.


Best wishes,




QuickBooks Team

Recording PAYE employment transactions

Thanks for joining us here in the Community, @mactim90.

I appreciate you trying the steps shared by my peers above. To better isolate why the option to add the payments on the Tax Profile settings isn't showing up, let's try to uninstall and reinstall the app. 


This helps sync the latest product updates. 


To uninstall:

  1. Hold or long pres the QuickBooks Self-Employed icon. 
  2. Click on the (x) and select yes to uninstall.

To install:

  1. Go to the Play or App store.
  2. Search for the QuickBooks Self-Employed app.
  3. Click on Install.

All information stored before uninstalling the app will stay. Then, when logging back in, please make sure to use the same login credentials with your QuickBooks Self-Employed account.


When comes to recording personal payments in QuickBooks Self-Employed, the transaction tracking will depend on the type of payment. If it's business-related, record it under Business Transactions and if it's for a personal, track it under Personal Transactions.


To help you assess in choosing the right categories of your expenses, please see this link: About SA103F Categories


On the other hand, our developers are gathering preferences from our customers and put them into consideration to improve the product. I encourage you to visit our Product Updates site, to stay current about our news and road-maps: Firm of The Future


You've got me here to help if there's anything else you need. Just let me know by leaving a reply below. Have a great night!

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