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VAT Exception Report

I am preparing to submit the next VAT return via Quickbooks Online. I noticed highlighted wording on the VAT page stating that some transactions were changed after filing and have a look on the VAT exception report to check details etc. Firstly, I hadn’t made any figure changes of transactions. I may have checked (only) one or two transactions, saved and closed, but no actual changes. I asked the help icon that stated the Exception report would be there even if you viewed & saved transactions. The report itemised some invoices, with zero totals and some April, May, June expenses with figures that cancelled themselves out to zero. I don’t think this affects my return. Any advice about this?


QuickBooks Team

Re: VAT Exception Report

Hi Dickens,




Zero exceptions which show under the 'Amount difference' column on the exception report as 0.00 will not impact the figures on your overall submission. 


These exceptions are generated when details, such as the bank account, are changed on a transaction which has already been filed, but the VAT element and code remain the same. 


You can click into the transactions from within the exception report to see the change to the transaction, by going to More > Audit History > Show all. Each edit will show here with the specific change highlighted.




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Re: VAT Exception Report

Thank you GeorgiaC, for your clear response. Much appreciated.