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Mark Armistead
Level 7

Zero Emails Being Received. As of 19/02/2024

Seems the old issue has raised its ugly head again. I’ve now had multiply reports of invoices and purchase orders not being received. I suspected they wasn’t as I’m not receiving my CC’d copy to my server either.

Anyone else reporting the same?

QuickBooks Team

Zero Emails Being Received. As of 19/02/2024

I'd also feel upset when I'm not getting the right help, Mark. 


I can see specific cases or ongoing investigations about emailing invoices in QuickBooks Online.


I can see the challenges you encountered with invoices undelivered. For now, there isn't a specific time frame for when the issue will be resolved. Our engineering team doubles their time to settle the error as soon as possible. Furthermore, it would be best to contact our support team. This way, they can add you to the involved users. Feel free to follow the steps provided by my colleague above.


Here's how:


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Help button at the top right corner.
  3. Go to the Search tab, then select Contact Us.
  4. Enter a brief discussion with your concern, then click Continue.
  5. Choose to Have us call you to connect with us.


For your convenience, here are the support hours for different QuickBooks Online plans:


Plus, Essentials, Simple Start:

  • Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 6 PM PT
  • Saturday: 6 AM to 3 PM PT


  • Support is available anytime, any day.

Also, you might consider checking out this article here just in case you want to personalize your sales forms in QBO: Customize invoices, estimates, and sales receipts. 

Please bear with us as we're working on this. Keep me posted if you have any other questions or concerns about managing your invoices. The Community always has your back. Keep safe always.

Mark Armistead
Level 7

Zero Emails Being Received. As of 19/02/2024

Oh you mean this is the stil the same ongoing issue that's been going on since 2021? Intuit know there is a problem but refuse to fix the issue. What sort of product and customer support if there is no time frame for fixing a fundimental part of the product. Great, so no I have to spend even more time manual downloading send forms and emailing them directly. What a waste of my money and my time.

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