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Adding Court Orders in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

To add a court order to an employee's record select Employee Details then Pay Run Inclusions


On Pay Run Inclusions page click Add on the right hand side of Deductions


From the drop down menu select Post-Tax Deduction and then Apply Court Order


A box will then appear requesting you to apply the court order. You will need to specify the appropriate court order from the drop down menu and it will pre-populate the most common settings for that type of court order.


The following court order we support are:

  • England/Wales Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) Priority
  • Deduction from Earnings Order (DEO) Pre March 2003
  • Deduction from Earnings Order (DEO)  Post March 2003
  • Council Tax Attachment of Earnings Order (CTAEO)
  • England/Wales Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) Fines
  • England/Wales Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) Non Priority
  • Scotland Earnings Arrestment
  • Department of Work and Pensions Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA) Higher Rate
  • Department of Work and Pensions Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA) Lower Rate


Once you have chosen your court order, you will need to fill in the required fields.


Here you have the option to change the amount (per pay run) to:

  • Fixed - this is a fixed amount taken every pay run
  • Percentage of Gross - this is a percentage of gross earnings
  • Percentage of Net - this is a percentage of net earnings
  • Varied based on earnings amount - when this option is selected you will need then select the type of court order and weekly/monthly.


If any employees have multiple order, the system needs to know which one to apply first. The system defaults to 0 but it's down to the user to deem the priority.

If you have a student loan, it would depend on the court order and if the student loan will be deducted. If you have a CTAEO then the student loan would not be calculated, others would depend if they are priority or non-priority.

The system will calculate this and you will have the option to amend to if you need it. If you do not have student loan, the system will ignore it.


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