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Repair or uninstall QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Learn the best way to repair or uninstall 64-bit QuickBooks should it be necessary.

Should you get a repair message, you’ll need to select Next to begin the repair and Finish to complete the process. Otherwise, the next time you open QuickBooks Desktop 2022, you may encounter a message about missing installation files. 

Note: Only a Windows Admin can repair QuickBooks. 

When you repair, it resets QuickBooks Desktop 2022 to its original installation state without any added updates that occurred after. 

QuickBooks reinstalls current updates if Automatic updates is turned on. If not, you’ll need to start the updates manually: 

  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Select the Update Now tab, then Get Updates to start the download.
  3. When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.

See how 64-bit processing power works with QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Should you need to uninstall the current or previous version of QuickBooks Desktop

64-bit systems have been around for a while and work well with 32-bit QuickBooks versions. But, you may have some questions about running previous versions along with QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

The good news is that you can still install multiple QuickBooks Desktop versions on one computer. You can install Enterprise 22.0 and either QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2022.

Things might get a little tricky if you need to uninstall QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and keep the previous version or the other way around.

For example, a user may have a 32-bit version of QuickBooks and then decide to uninstall 64-bit QuickBooks Desktop 2022. Some of the files they share may be affected.

At the end of the uninstall process, you’re asked to repair your older QuickBooks version.

Select Finish and let the uninstaller complete the repair of the 32-bit version of QuickBooks. Don’t cancel the repair or the next time you open QuickBooks, you may get a message about missing installation files.

Note: If you have Automatic updates turned off, you’ll need to manually update after the repair.

  1. After uninstalling your older QuickBooks version, open QuickBooks Desktop 2022.
  2. You’re asked to repair QuickBooks. Select Continue to proceed with the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 repair.

Note: If you have Automatic updates turned off, you’ll need to manually update after the repair.

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